Thursday, September 22, 2011

On Sale Today!

Personally, I think Alexa Chung is one of the greatest style icons of our time. There is no doubt that i would wear every single article of clothing she owns. Last year Alexa designed a few pieces for a Madewell collection, clearly it did well since she is back with a brand new collection and more pieces than last time. Madewell is a fairly expensive store, considering it is a branch of J Crew, but every once in a while if you go at the right time (especially at the end of the season), you can find some unbelievable sales. Madewell's style is rather rustic and tomboyish. They mostly specialize in denim and very casual wear. Alexa Chung's collection is a bit more girly, and based on the pictures, I'm sure it will be an even bigger success than her last one. 

see the full collection here

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  1. I love Alexa's style ! Great blog girls ! You're great ! I follow on bloglovin !